Web Development

In 2016 I got serious about learning how to code and build websites.  I’ve written a few blog posts about my experiences.  So far, much of my training has involved self-teaching using various online resource and services, and going to many, many Meetups.  One of my favorite things about entering this domain is that there is SO much to learn.  So far my favorite resources for in-person instruction are regular Girl Develop It NYC classes and Software Carpentry classes when I find them offered.


Working Knowledge

  • CSS3 (Grid, Flexbox, Bootstrap)
  • HTML5
  • LibGuides
  • Sass
  • WordPress

Basic Knowledge

  • Drupal
  • Encoded Archival Description
  • JSON
  • Python
  • Wiki Markup
  • XML


Web development is not my full-time job, although my personal and professional contacts have allowed for me to create sites for individuals, businesses and organizations. Currently, I primarily utilize WordPress to create and maintain websites. I like WordPress because it is robust and well-supported with many active developers. My clients are also able to easily make changes to the content of their sites through the WordPress GUI.  I look forward to building more custom and experimental websites in the future.  For more, check out my GitHub.

Skill level

While it can be difficult to self-asses skill level, the chart below represents my proficiency and comfort with various technologies.  My CMS and ILS experience has room to grow, as I have more to learn regarding the computer languages used to create these applications.  As an administrator on the GUI side of the applications, however, I would rate my skill level as higher.

  • Content Management Systems 85%
  • HTML & CSS 65%
  • Object-based programming languages 10%
  • Relational Databases 75%
  • Library Systems 75%