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I attended the University of Toronto, St. Michael's College where I earned a B.A/B.S. My coursework was focused in the areas of Celtic Studies, East Asian Studies, and Art History. While pursuing my Master in Library Science at the University at Buffalo, the State University of New York, I focused much of my coursework in archives and special collections management, with special interest paid to preservation issues. During my internship at Longwood Gardens I had the opportunity to focus many of my projects in the area of digital asset management, including digitized archival and special collections, electronic records management for born-digital materials, and management of electronic resources. After joining the LuEsther T. Mertz Library at the New York Botanical Garden as the User Services Librarian, I am currently charged with managing the Public Services Department as the Public Services Librarian. In my role at NYBG, I am increasing my subject knowledge in the domain of botany, while building my skill-set in the areas of bibliographic instruction, creation and curation of web-based resources, and outreach to library users.

Career Goals

Flexibility is important in the world of information services, and I know that any position I find myself in will allow me the chance to learn from established practitioners and become a stronger professional. I have subject interests in botany, bioinformatics, and computer science. I am currently learning more about web development through in-person classes and meetups, as well as online tutorials. My passion is making content-rich electronic resources available to users through careful indexing and taxonomy, alongside coordinated outreach and instruction.

Research Interests

More than anything else, I am fascinated by the way in which users access and interact with information. The disconnect that many contemporary users have from the architecture of the information systems they are utilizing is an area of particular interest to me. Hand in hand with this is the question of how taxonomy can be made relevant to a generation of users who may not fully understand the discipline, nor appreciate its enormous importance.

Alongside this, I have interests in user interfaces, (human-machine interactions), data management, and information architecture. Advocacy, community engagement, and having a close partnership with my user groups are my priorities as an information professional.

Philosphy of Librarianship

My philosophy as a librarian is simple, yet mighty. I view libraries as a nexus where collaboration and communication can and should occur. I am thrilled to participate in and observe dialogues in the library that allow barriers such as differing academic backgrounds, socioeconomic status, and culture to be second to the shared pursuit of information.

I believe strongly in collections and services lead by users and developed through conversations with library patrons and advocates. It can be difficult, at times, to strike the balance between the good of the corpus and the access of the user, but it is my mission and my privilege to walk that line and ethically meet both objectives in my role as an information professional.

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